Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Seedlings Sprout!

Seedling Update! The little ones are doing so great! Rosemary & Lavender are still the underdogs. Any ideas for the strugglers? Do they need any type of extra TLC?


L.Z.J. said...

my lavender and rosemary have been slow starters also.

All the internet-ing that I've done re: "starting lavender" points out that it's a really challenging plant to start from seed and that the time for germination plus the moisture required often equals mold that kills the sprouts. ALSO, it is a very very slow grower. bummer.

The buzz on rosemary is that it needs to be really warm to sprout and that its germination/seed ratio is very low.

I have 4 little rosemary plants (still in cotyledons) and about a dozen leggy little lavenders just up from seeds. I'll keep you posted on how they do.

MJSSJM said...

Thanks Luke! Keep me posted. I can't wait for to finally use my home grown herbs for the first time!