Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Own Little Stimulus Plan

Happy Sunday! I so love Sunday's.... they are my day to do whatever I please and today I felt like shopping. So I browsed a few shops with my mom in the a.m. but didn't find anything that spoke to me. So I came home, putzed around the house for a bit, and decided to check (It will be a sweet sweet day when Anthro finds it's way to Charleston).
After browsing for a L-O-N-G time and filling my cart with 8 items.... I was ready to check out. Ran downstairs to get the CC numbers (you'd think I'd have them memorized by now) and start to enter them online. I suddenly realize I really shouldn't. Really want to but really shouldn't.
So I logged off, sans purchases, and went straight to my closet with one mission:
Create a week's worth of outfits from clothing I haven't worn yet this year.
So here they are, in all their glory. (Only four because I have Friday off... Y.E.S) It was actually much easier than expected and totally gratifying to make new outfits that I've never put together before and definitely haven't worn this year. I encourage you all, dear blog friends, to do the same. You'll be surprised what you have in your closet.
Sorry Anthropologie.... it was difficult but I assure you I'll be back again.


Leslie said...

This cracks me up! Its a headless Morgan. I can't wait for the content to come!! :)

MJSSJM said...

Content posted! Headless Morgan's might make more sense now. kisses! xo

Sandy said...

I love this! And each outfit is totally cute! Of course, you could wear a brown feed sack and still looks like you belonged in the Anthropologie catalogue! Good shopping, girlina!

Leslie said...

It does make more sense now! HA! I think I have been inspired to check the closet!

Stacey Sargent said...

Love all the outfits! Good job on not buying...its so hard for me! haha!