Monday, March 9, 2009

Growing up in the 80's was so easy

Exact conversation overheard this weekend.

Jimmie: Chris Brown is going to jail. Did you know that?
Uncle: I heard something about that. He beat his girlfriend right?
Jimmie: Duh. Rihanna.
Uncle: I’m 37 Jim-bo. I’m out of the loop. At least I knew what you’re talking about.
Jimmie: Well I know why he beat her and why he’s going to jail.
Uncle: Oh yeah?
Jimmie: She gave him a STD.

At this point Guy and I about fall out of our chair for various reasons:
1. You don’t expect STD talk at the Charleston Battery games
2. Especially from a 10 year old
3. You also don’t realize your eavesdropping until an STD bomb is dropped by a 10 year old.

I fear for the day I have children. If 10 year olds are hip to STD’s now… what will kids be like in 10-15 years!!!


Leslie said...

Terrified!! Are you sure the kid was 10, or was he 16 and looked 10 b/c we are getting older and can't tell kids ages anymore? Please tell me the latter or I will raise my children in an underground house.

MJSSJM said...

I'm sad to say, sweet Leslie, that he was ten years old. Be frightened my love.