Thursday, February 26, 2009

Etsy is the new Farmer's Market

My name is Morgan and I’m addicted to Like any good addiction, it comes with its pitfalls which affect different areas of my life. My pocketbook (gee, thanks, Discovercard – just what I wanted… seeing just how much I spend on clothing and jewelry), relationship (computer in the bed makes three), and sanity (I may have accused the postal carrier of being an Etsy package thief) are all in limbo because of my current obsession. No one should go through this alone… which is why I’m spreading the crack goodness now.
Who doesn’t like having a one of a kind? Something handmade or vintage. If you’re like me – you LOVE it – and have a different swagger when you know you’re rockin’ something special. This describes the love that is Etsy. Etsy enables anyone with a creative streak to sell their product online. You’ll find everything from clothing to jewelry to creepy paintings. It’s amazing and the best part is that most people on there don’t realize the value of their items and grossly under price their items. (Shhhhh….)
I’m going to give you the head’s up on an amazing jewelry goddess that is about to launch her Etsy site: There’s no product yet, as she’s photographing her baubles and getting ready for the impending rush but ‘Favorite’ her now… and thank me later.

I'll wrap for the day with one of my favorite 'pick me ups':

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