Friday, February 27, 2009

Morgan 0; Smoke Alarm 1

Ever seen that Friends episode where Pheobe is smashing the smoke alarm that won't quit beeping - even when she shoves it down the trash chute and somehow it makes it way back into the house? (Figure 1)

So yeah, that was me last night, with FIVE smoke alarms. At 1a, one started beeping which I was able to ignore and figured Guy would deal with it the next day when he stopped by. By the time 7a rolled around ALL FIVE were beeping. Needless to say, Gus and I were going insane. I rushed around the house removing all batteries thinking that would solve the issue. Yeah. No. All that did was made them beep louder and faster and threw Gus into an asthmatic attack. (Figure 2)

At this point I'm calling my dad on the phone with one hand, giving Gus a life saving breath of steroids with the other, and thinking about starting my day with a Jack and Coke. Carl the Good talked me off the ledge, explained what a converter box is, and let me know where mine was. (Please, don't act surprise, I still have the plastic on a drawer in my refridgerator). I flipped the switch and regained composure (and sanity).

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Leslie said...

Mine did that before. It at least was only 2 of mine but they were hard wired so no batteries, so I couldn't figure out what to do. Finally Jeff just ripped the whole thing out of the ceiling and threw it down the stairs and it stopped. HA!! I have felt your pain.