Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I should know how to do this.

This blog is my attempt to make my life easier. And perhaps yours as well. I'm a wealth of seemingly useless knowledge and it somehow always comes up in conversation. Whether it's letting someone know where I got my earrings, updating someone on the fact that Nicole Richie is preggers again (okay, maybe I bring that up myself), or just rambling how I'm mad at for ignoring Charleston (DC - call me, I've got ideas).. I needed a forum. And here it is. So sit down and get ready for the sweet relief from your everyday aggravations and life.

It feels appropriate to begin with book recommendations. All I've heard about over the last three days is the Twilight series. You may be asking yourself why I'm hanging out with tweens - but let me correct you- this is coming from my very smart, sophisticated friends and co-workers who are talking about these books like they're buying them dinner AND taking them home afterwards. Because I have a hard time not jumping on a book bandwagon (I've yet to read a Harry Potter book however), I'm going to give them a try. While I do that, you should try one of these:
- Water for Elephants: Beautiful, vivid, and harrowing all at the same time. I realize I'm a bit behind the times as this has been out for a good clip but if you're slow like me - try this. You'll love it. (
- Time of My Life: Have you ever wondered how changing one decision would alter the rest of your life? Have you seen Sliding Doors with Gwenyth Paltrow? This book is better. It examines what might happen if one of your 'what if's' became a reality and how it might now always be a good thing to get a second chance.
( **Special shout out to Jen Lancaster who I ADORE and recommended this book on her blog. Speaking of which - go here: **

I feel like I need to finish my first posting on a high note so please enjoy the following:

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Shandy said...

Tears are welling in my eyes with this "I'm on a Boat" video! Thank you for joining the blogosphere! Love it!